The experience. The dinner and the drinks – 4 unusual places to eat out in Lviv

Lviv is probably one of the most interesting cities I have ever visited. The mix between the old, historic part and the modern one is fascinating. But not the cultural nor the historic sights made me fall in love with this city. But the going out experience it offers. So let me tell you the top four unusual places where you should definitely eat while there.

Pretty High Kitchen

Located downtown old Lviv in the main square, Pretty High Kitchen (as the name says) is on the upper floor of an old building. The atmosphere is very nice. Music is played on vinyl on a unique horn acoustic, invented and made in Lviv.

But what is very interesting about this place is that there are no waiters in the real sense of the word. But only chefs. And there is not a real menu per se. What do I mean? The best way to order there is by talking to one of the chefs. You may ask what you would like to eat (like a steak for example) or just have a talk about what you like and not like in general, how you feel or what would you crave for in terms of taste. And then the chef would just make something for you.

I let the chef surprise me completely and I must say I had a great unexpected dinner (and for sure something I would not normally order, and it was delicious)

The most expensive Galician Restaurant

Very nice place, downtown Lviv in an old building (surprise there?). The entrance has a twist as you walk in someone’s home at first – the last resident of the building. He will tell you about the story of the place and why is he there.

You think the name says it all. But you would be surprised. Because this is not actually reality. All prices on the menu are multiplied by 100, and you get a 90% discount on everything.

There’s live piano music. And the place is all decorated with Masonic things (it is said that Ukrainian Masons were once there). You can ask one of the waiters to tell you more about it


Probably one of the most popular places in Lviv, ‘Kryivka’, which means ‘bunker’ or ‘hide-out’ is a very interesting restaurant to visit. But before going there, you need to do a bit of research, as this place is quite hidden, as its name says so there is no sign or a big entrance - you need to know where to go (just a tip: is on the ground floor of the same building where ‘Pretty High Kitchen’ is).

The place is dedicated to the Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA) who thought during WW2. This was the Army insurgent’s hideout that resisted the attacks of both the Nazi Germany and Red Army. The whole place has a ‘war’ design with many artefacts and arms, while all the stuff is wearing army clothes.

One more thing you should know before you go: the password to the entry. As this was a hideout, it has a secret passcode that you need to say to open the door. The experience is pretty cool: you knock, and a soldier looks through the peephole and asks you the secret password Slava Ukraini! - Heroyam Slava’, which means ‘Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!’. The salute has its origins in the 20th century when it was used by Ukrainians during the Independence War (1917-1921). After walking in the soldier gives a shot of vodka (the famous honey medovukha) to see if you are worth it. And then opens the secret door to the museum-restaurant.

The food is ok, more like traditional Ukrainian pub kind-of food. But the atmosphere and the experience are definitely putting this restaurant in our top 5.

PRAVDA Beer Theatre

You may wonder yourself why ‘theater’ when it comes to a beer place. Well this place is something else – not really a beer place, not really a theater, not a museum, not a concert restaurant… but all together.

Located in the center of Lviv, in a 20th century building, nicknamed the ‘Zipper’, Pravda is a great place to spend almost any evening there. As all the buildings downtown, this one also has a history, being a jewelry store, a trade building, a department store and of course the house of a famous tradesman, from which it got its name ‘Zipper’.

Pravda is an experience. As I said, not a museum, not a concert place, not a restaurant, not a theater per so, but all in one. The interior is made in such a way so you can see what is happening all around. One of the main attractions is seeing how the beer is made, from start to finish and taste it. What’s interesting about is that they like to experiment with the types of beers, so you may find interesting ingredients such as elderberry flowers or sunflowers.

And let’s not forget that almost every night there is a live orchestra playing.

(pic via Pravda official website)