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Santa's gadget gift list - top picks for your entire family

You love gadgets and like to know what is new out there? We put together a list with our top picks for this holiday season. They will make anyone excited - from getting you into shape with the smart scale to fancy beauty rituals at your house, this is the list Santa cannot miss!

Withings Smart Scale

Always wondering about your weight? Is it too much muscle weight or water? Or maybe you’re just putting on a few kilos?

Withings smart scale is perfect for you – the smart scale measures your weight in a very accurate way (taking into consideration gravity as well), its trend, bone mass, fat mass, muscle mass and water. And all this connected to your phone through the Health Mate App, so you ca n track your progress at any time.

Pocketalk S AI-powered instant voice translator

We all love to travel, but we all got stuck at some point in the translation. It happened to all of us to ask for a piece of advice, a certain dish at a corner restaurant or simply for directions and not being able to communicate properly.

The pocketable S AI-powered instant voice translator will make travelling much easier – an instant voice translator device that is ready to communicate in over 120 countries in 82 language. It comes with unlimited cellular data for the first 2 years and it’s so small and easy to travel with that you will be taking it with you everywhere.

DroiX K5H Mini Smart projector

Your own cinema in your pocket. As simple as that with the DroiX K5H Mini Smart projector. Compatible with a wide range of devices and software, this device is also native supporting AirPlay and Miracast.

With a high-light transmission lens, the DroiX can change any surface in a 12 to 200 inches screen. It.s that easy – turn it on, connect it to your device, flip the lense and enjoy the movie! Don’t forget the popcorn 

Roomba® Robot Vacuums

Technology at its best! When it comes to keeping your house clean you must have this device. Roomba vacuums, cleans and learns from your habits. As easy as that. And It connect to Amazon Alexa or to Google Home, so you can just ‘ voice command’ your cleaning.

Depending on the series, Roomba can clean in the tricky corners too, make suggestions based on your rituals and empties on its own. Basically, you don’t have to bother with cleaning the floor for months.

Hobot window cleaner

Have you tried cleaning your windows and failed to reach the top corners? Using AI-technology the Hobot window cleaner device is able to imitate the human behavior in cleaning them inside and out, while removing stubborn stains. The wheels are covered with microfiber cloth, not scratching the surface during cleaning, while at the same time a powerful vacuum sucks out the dust.

And you don’t have to worry about it when it’s outside as Hobot has a security system to stay anchored, just in case. You can use it on windows, tiles, glass or even tables.

Foreo UFO2

The new Foreo UFO2 is a must have when it comes to ‘beauty at home’ rituals. With T-Sonic facial massaging, fiull-spectrum LED therapy, onboard heating and cooling, the UFO2 drives mask essence below the skin surface, making your face look brighter, healthier and younger.

If you ever dreamt about the Hollywood type of treatment, this is your chance…to have at home, in less than 5 minutes. And who said man cannot use it? Foreo has a special series for men also - don't forget to check it out.

Theragun Prime massage gun

Craving for a massage after a hard workout? This could not be simpler – with the Theragun Prime massage gun you can have a deep muscle treatment at home. Using smart percussive therapy, this device will ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension in your muscle and help you recover faster. Even more, it reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager. Stimulating the skin as well.