Naughty or nice? Best gifts for your kids

Holidays are coming and you are still searching for the perfect gift for your children? You want a gift that is also nice, but smart? We put together a few ideas that might help you in your 'Santa' search.

Littlebits- Robot Project Star, 680-0011-EU

Your kids will enjoy this very much – with Littlebits Robot Project Star children can build their own druid and play with it. All the instructions are carefully laid out in the app, so your children can easily assemble it.

Even more, they can teach their druid new abilities through the app – how to turn left, right, move its head, or simply sit down. They can send your droid in 16 Star Wars Missions.

Oh, and guess what? Each piece has a function, so your kids can reinvent their druid all the time, rearranging it.

Pictionary Air

We all know the classic Pictionary game. It’s been like this since forever. And though the classic version is fun, you must admit you were missing a bit the element of new, that small edge that new technology brings to the table.

A hilarious twist on the drawing game, Pictionary Air gets you up and moving. It’s so easy – you download the app, point the camera at the person who is drawing and whatever they sketch appears on the screen. And obviously ‘the painter’ uses the special pencil to draw in the air. It’s absolutely hilarious!

Harry Potter Lego set

I absolutely fell in love with Lego since I was a child. And I don’t know any kid who doesn’t. From building the Hogwarts castle, to the flying bus, one can recreate the whole magical world of Harry Potter in their own house. And even better, you can play with your favorite characters right inside the grounds. Easy to build, Lego sets develop children creativity and sense of craftmanship.

Don’t get us wrong – we only chose the Harry Potter series just because we like the books. In reality any Lego set would make a perfect gift – and they have one for every passion or preference that you might have, from spaceships to famous places from our beloved stories.

Emarth Interstellar Telescope

Space has always been a fascinating thing. You can always simply dream about the stars, can’t you? Or maybe sometimes you’re just gazing somewhere randomly…

With the Emarth Interstellar Telescope you can not only dream about the sky, but actually see the stars. Powerful optical lenses, full-color transparent prism and a diagonal mirror (so you don’t see things upside down) makes a high-definition image. On top, is easy to set-up and it has an adjustable tripod.

It’s great for bird watching, wildlife watching or even for looking at the moon.

Lego Brick Mug

Passionate about building? Your kids always dream about the new Lego sets? The Lego Brick Mug will definitely make meals much more fun. Coming with a set of Lego bricks, anyone can decorate their mug in any way they want.

Choosing from a range of colored mugs, you can now make breakfast more creative!

Magic Set

We often say that life is full of magic. What if you could make some kind of magic?

This set is perfect for learning a few magic tricks. Party with the grown-up? This is ypur chance to dazzle them

With Marvin’s latest and biggest set, your kids can turn into real magicians. With over 300 card tricks, mind reading stunts, amazing illusion and other secrets, this is set is the dream for any aspiring magician. Fly Paddles, ‘Frozen Ice’, X-Ray Vision are only a few of the tricks your kid can experience.

Electronic Digital Drums Pad

Is your kid a born musician? Or he just wants to experience some tunes? Then the Electronic Drum set for kids are the perfect gift this year.

With 7 drum tones, 9 drum rhythms and 12 demo songs this drum pad is perfect for beginners. It can be rolled up and stored away, so it doesn’t even occupy space.

Very easy to use, it has 7 drum pads and 2 pedals. Even better, it comes with a recording function, so your kid can play for you later what they sing…or invent.

Harry Potter illustrated book

We know is not easy to convince our children to read. And the only way to do is making them excited about what that book is about,

Harry Potter is a classic when it comes to that. And we highly recommend the Harry Potter illustrated edition designed by Jim Kay is so easy to picture the magical world of the wizard and get your children excited about it. The images are so well drawn that makes you immediately dream about being there, living with your favourite characters every moment of their struggles, successes, fears and happiness.