Cappadocia - top most interesting hotels

The story of Cappadocia starts “while there was no time”, a country created by Gods and Goddesses, in the heart of Anatolia. The landscape of fairy chimneys, around the ancient villages, the mystique caves and breathtaking sites, made Cappadocia one of the top destinations around the world. If your journey takes you there, we have handpicked five amazing hotels you can rest your head after a day in the city…or relax your body with one of the great massages at the spa

Taru Cave Suites

Located in Urgup district, the heart of Cappadocia, Taru Caves Suites welcomes its guests in historical dwellings and caves that have been restored completely into unique rooms and suites. Each one has its own design, perfectly blending the Ottoman and Greek motifs with modern ones, making you experience the historical scent and architectural details.

The hotel has a total of 11 rooms, 9 of which are inside cave formation, while two are built around Esbelli Stones, specific formations of this area.

Seraphim Cave Cappadocia

Located in a historic mansion, constructed in 1853, Seraphim Cave Cappadocia offers its guests 5-star services. Having the biggest garden in Cappadocia, measuring over an acre, the hotel has 21 luxury rooms.

After a day in the city, you can enjoy a traditional dinner at Tasula Restaurant, after which you can sip a glass of wine in the garden, at the outside Terrace bar.

Yunak Evleri

Located in the ancient hotel village of Urgup, Yunak Elveri hotel is one of a kind, as its 10 ground buildings date from 5th and 6th century. The hotel is made out of 10 cave houses, dating from that period, which hosts in total 120 rooms, and a Greek Mansion from the 19th century

The hotel takes its name from the neighborhood around it – YUNAK comes from the days when women would meet at the local fountain to wash their clothes, and of course chit chat about everything. Basically, YUNAK was the center of everything.

The 120 rooms rooms are located in cave houses dating from 5th and 6th centuries. Well, nowadays, everything is decorated with a lot of style, modern, but still keeping the local character of the place. The décor is hand crafted and chosen specially for each room.

The spa on the grounds of the hotel offers amazing Balinese and Thai treatments and massages, while the two pools will amaze you with their surroundings of historical caves.

Anka Cave Suites

Carved by Assurians, Hittites, Byzantines and Early Christians, the caves of Cappadocia are famous around the world. After 1940, when they were seized of being occupied, at Anka Cave Suites hotel. the caves were converted to amazing residences, that host millions of tourists.

The hotel has 24 rooms unique rooms, divided in 5 categories, depending on the view, structure, and size. On top, it has an amazing spa, where you can choose from tailored package options with milk or wine baths

The only down fall of the place is that is a bit out of the city - 15 min drive. But the hotel offers shuttles all the time. However, balloons are not visible from the hotel

Kapadokya Hill Hotel & Spa

Located in Gore village, Kapadokya Hill Hotel & Spa is one of the first hotels in the area. As its website states it, any stay there will be a journey through history and experiences. All rooms are different in terms of decorations, mixing between the Otoman Motifs and modern themes.

After a long day in the city, you can relax reading a book at the hotel’s library which offers books in many languages and daily newspapers. And of course, one should not miss the Spa, which includes two swimming pools, one outdoor and one indoor, and amazing Turkish bath and salt room.