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5 beaches you should not miss in Chios, Greece – editor’s pick

We know Chios is not one of the most known islands in Greece, as it is not very touristic.

But one the best thing about it is that its beaches are not overflowing with people, and you can still go to deserted beautiful natural unspoiled places.

However, if you are the kind of person that enjoys a sunbed service, you can always opt for one of the organized beaches.

Here is top 5 pics for spending a great day on the beach:

1. Mavra Volia

Known as the Volcano Beach, Mavra Volia is without a doubt the most famous beach in Chios. The place is situated between the cones of two inactive volcanos, and it comprises actually of three beaches with their small bays. Its nickname comes from the volcanic pebbles that cover the beach - in ancient times one of the volcanos erupted and its lava covered the place, thus the beach is now formed out of volcanic pebbles.

Tips & Tricks: if you travel during the season, go there quite early, as the beach gets quite crowded. There are a few spots with shade, but mostly the place is out in the sun, so having an umbrella with you is a good idea.

2. Vroulidia Beach

With a small sandy bay, Vroulidia beach is the southern beach in Chios. Its natural beauty, with blue water and white rocks, gives the place a very exotic allure. A bit out of the road, the beach is quite picturesque. Being in the south, there is very little or no wind at all, so there are no waves.

After parking your car, you need to walk down the stairs, which is not quite easy to do after a full day in the sun. Since is not reachable by car directly, though it’s very known, it is not so crowded, and it remains quite unspoiled. Because of the stairs is not a good place for families, specially with older people or kids, but it is a very nice place for couples.

Tips & Tricks: the beach is not organized so have in mind you need to carry on the stairs your umbrella, sunbeds and whatever else you want to take with you.

3. Limnos Beach

Close to Volissos historic town, this sandy beach is very nice for families as it has shallow waters and sand. There are water sports and activities you can try, making the day spent at the beach a lot of fun.

The beach is organized so no need to carry umbrellas and sunbeds. Sometimes it gets a bit windy, but overall the place is very nice and not too crowded

Tips & Tricks: enjoy a meal at one of the fish taverns overseeing the beach. The view is absolutely amazing. And so is the food.

4. Karfas Beach

Probably the most known beach on the island, Karfas Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Chios. Being so close from the main town on the island, only 5 km south, it is a very lively place. The beach is fully organized offering water sports services, and sunbeds with umbrellas.

The place is great for family vacations – many hotels, shops, restaurants are nearby, so it is easy to organize around. Plus, the shallow waters and the sand are making it great for kids.

Tips & tricks: during peak season the place might a bit too crowded.

5. Glaroi Beach

Not such a big place, this beach will mesmerize you with its green waters and nice sand. The water can be a bit cold, as there is a mountain water flowing in the sea.

The place has a great beach bar that plays nice music. Sometimes there are things organized there, so keep an eye on it. Sometimes the parties can get quite loud (and quite fun), as the beach is not close to any inhabited areas.

Tips & tricks: Don't forget to have a cocktail at the beach bar

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