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Top 4 upscale restaurants in Marrakesh - editor's pick

If you enjoy good service, good food and fancy restaurants, these are the top 5 places you need to eat and drink at while in Marrakesh. Of course, fashionably pricey, but offering great experiences.

Jad Mahal

Probably my favorite, Jad Mahal combines modern Thai food menus with traditional Moroccan food. Situated close to Medina, Jad Mahal is one of the top restaurants in Marrakesh. Its luxurious interiors designed in Moroccan style, with interior garden gives you the feeling of walking into a movie set. The menu is very rich as you can choose between several traditional dishes and international cuisine (mainly Thai). I would recommend trying the tasting menu as you would try different kind of food and have a taste of aperitifs, mains and deserts.

On top of the good food, the place offers a traditional show with fire and belly dancers. After dinner, my advice is to move to the bar part, where live music is playing. The band is very good and they will take you through a mix of modern and traditional music, while you can dance the night off and drink wine.

Bô Zin

Another great place in Marrakesh is Bo Zin. A bit outside of the city, this restaurant is like a oasis next to a village, close to Marrakesh. The set up is very nice, as its interiors are done in a Moroccan modern style. Food is also delicious, and you can try the tasting menu. I personally recommend the King Crab and the Dim Sum dumplings. But of course, you can also eat traditional Moroccan food, with a bit of international twist.

Le Comptoir Darna

Located not far from the Medina, Le Comptoir offers great experiences, as a fusion between local and occidental cuisine, its chef managing to bring an international twist to the traditional food. Its glamourous and chic design is making it one of the most appealing places in town.

The bar is fashioned in the same style as the restaurant – chic, stylish with low light. Having great live shows and very good mix of music – from traditional Arabic to International pop. And of course, you can get good cocktails and drinks – pricey, but not more than other in-fashion spots


Located in l’Agdal area, Nouba offers live music shows paired with dancing moments. Food is not at its finest, but not bad. I would recommend the Wok Calamari.

However, this is a great place for a fun night out with your friends. The show is very nice and it’s good, entertaining for a weekend evening. The place is a bit pricey and you need to be aware that they ask for a 10% tip on the bill.

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