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10 something things I learnt before 2020

This is for all the people that were part of my life. For the ones that stayed and for the ones that left. All of them taught me something valuable. And because of them I am the person I am today.

1. If you have no balance in your life you will not be able to find your peace

2. Things are never easy, but most of them are pretty damn incredible

3. Fall in love – no matter what happens after. Love is a beautiful feeling – don’t miss it

4. Don’t judge your friends. Nobody is perfect. Embrace their imperfection

5. Follow your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem

6. Always take care of yourself, of who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow

7. Because things suck sometimes, doesn’t mean you have to quit – believe, fight and go get it!

8. Do things impulsively. Life should not always be planned. Enjoy the moment

9. Wine with friends is always a good idea

And most important....

10. TRAVEL. TRAVEL. TRAVEL. The world is amazing. Go see it!

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