Milan. The prosecco way of dolce far niente: the 7 pools, the rooftop and the tequilla

Dolce vita…ciao bella…and dolce far niente… In short, the beautiful Italian style of living.

As you already know I enjoy sipping prosecco in the most amazing bars and restaurants around Italy, as I fell in love with this country long time ago. And Milan is one of its most vibrating cities

As I have been to Milan many times before, and already visited the touristic places – this time was only about la dolce vita. So, I will not tell you about the amazing Duomo, nor the museums…but I will tell you about three stunning places to indulge in the Italian style of dolce far niente.

Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant

Situated on the street with the same name, this chic designer restaurant rises on top of the Enel building’s amazing terrace. The place, house of the Dsquared2 group, features two swimming pools and a terrace with an incredible view. The food, signed by Chef Elio Sironi, is a great mix of International cuisine with a touch of Italian flavors.

One thing to remember – the place is very much in style and fully booked so if you want to have a place there it is better to call ahead.

Our experience there was great – we asked our hotel to book us a place for two, as my best friend and I decided it is time to celebrate (Italian style) the latest news (as a note: we would always celebrate booth good and bad things with champagne – life is all about the journey and the people that are there with you for the good and the bad). And though it was not easy we have managed to get a place for dinner and drinks.

We got there around 8 and started with Aperitivos by the swimming pool. The policy of the place is that you fist take a place at the bar until there’s an opening next to the pool. We didn’t have to wait long, that we moved to main terrace, at the restaurant, for dinner. We have ordered food (we both had pasta – after all we were in Italy J ) and a bottle of prosecco. The food was delicious – the portions were not too big, but it tasted great.

After eating we moved back to the pool and we enjoyed the glasses of sparkling prosecco as the night passed by. The place is beautiful melting the Italian style of living into the modern way of the city. By far, Ceresio is one of the best places to have a glass of prosecco with your best friend or a romantic dinner in two.

Terazza Duomo 21

As the name already said it this place is one of the best places to enjoy the view in Piazza del Duomo while sipping prosecco or a glass of wine. Situated on the first floor of the building next to the galleries, this stunning view of the plaza right in front will make your day simply beautiful.

We have arrived there on a late afternoon, after having lunch nearby, just looking for a place to enjoy the sunset and have a glass of wine. The only trick is that if you don’t eat the prices for drinks get higher, so we had to order something alongside the bottle of wine. We stayed there for an hour, chit chatting about everything and enjoying the city’s way of relaxing…

Funny thing about Italy – know your coffee when you order! Italians are very serious when it comes to drinking coffee and they have lots of blends, mixtures, designs and forms of coffee. Telling you this because my friend ordered a Latte, which my country, or in most European countries is a coffee with milk. But in Italy all that she got was the milk J The waiter later explained that there’s a huge difference between Latte and Cafe Latte. We had a blast anyways when her warm milk arrived.

Duomo 21 is a very good alternative to Terraza Aperol, which is next to it and usually packed as the entrance is through a mini mall with restaurants. Of course, don’t make the mistake of ordering an Aperol Spritz, as they would invite you to go next door to the Aperol bar. However, they have great cocktails and a delicious Martini Spritz


Fajitas, nachos, quesadillas and Margaritas…or for the strong ones, Tequila J You guessed it – this place is not Italian, but Mexican. I must confess, it was not my first choice when eating in Milan, but a friend of mine told me about it so we gave it a try.

The restaurant seduces you the minute you walk inside with a beautifully courtyard with a lush vertical garden. The tables are decorated with ceramics that glow under candlelight, making the view seem like a fairytale in a city. As you go inside, the place looks like an authentic chic Mexican restaurant, decorated with wooden floor and exposed brick walls.

The chef, David Blanco, conquers you instantly with the delicious traditional Mexican food. My favorite? – beef quesadilla. And the drinks are…Oh well…the drinks are… I would totally recommend you to try Jalapeno Margarita – the sweet taste of tequila blended with spices it’s a deadly combination! The Tequila Bar is housing over 100 labels of fine carefully selected tequila labels.

We went there on a beautiful Friday night…and had an incredible good dinner with Spicy Margaritas...and that’s all I can share… Some things are better left unsaid - the sweet memory of Latin music and Mexican tequila

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