Here's to the ones that are not afraid to have a wild heart

When life gets complicated and chaotic....

Stop. Breath. And take off.

Here’s to the soul than can’t stop travelling, that can’t stop wondering about the new things. The soul that can’t stop searching for the magic. Here’s to that feeling of wanderlust.

Here’s to the women that would rather turn their curiosities into reality than live a life of “what if?” Here’s to the men that would rather chase down experiences, that settling and settle for “maybes”. To the ones that wake up in the morning and head to a new adventure. The ones that like sipping the coffee in a whole new city. Here’s to the ones that are not afraid of traveling alone. To the ones that enjoy life – with the good and the bad.

To the ones that smile every time the plane takes off. The ones that lose themselves for a night just to wake up in the morning and move on.

For the spontaneous unplanned moments that I’d rather live, that than a life all planned, a sad routine that couldn’t satisfy my thirst for the unknow.

For the mornings you spend on a beach just to end up travelling to a waterfall. For those mornings you have no idea what will happen next. For the feelings you have, rather than the moments you plan.

To the ones that would rather catch flights than feelings. The ones that would rather take off than give up. The ones that are not afraid of the big world.

Cheers to the ones that are not afraid to have a wild heart.

Cheers to revealing the unknown.

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